Baby Shower Thank You Wording: 10 Tips and Ideas

Writing baby shower thank you notes on cards should be a simple, fun filled and enjoyable experience. To kick off this, it is important that you have someone, a close friend, to keep a detailed list of attendees accompanied with a list of gifts and people who presented them. This will make writing of thank you notes easy and accurate. There is nothing more embarrassing than quoting the wrong gift or name when jotting down your thank you notes to your friends.

To help you out with your baby shower thank you wording when writing, here are some tips and advice that will come in handy:

  1. Jot everything by hand
    Give your thank you notes a personal touch by having them handwritten; if your handwriting is illegible you can have someone else do the writing. People are bound to feel more connected to you and appreciated once they see you went out of your way to jot by hand a thank you note.
  2. Get your spelling correct
    People get slighted by relatively minor things. Make sure you can spell your friends names correctly, if you are not sure; feel free to ask for the correct spelling from the concerned parties. Improper spelling of names screams of carelessness and lack of keenness on your part. It is also important that you use simple terms, use correct sentence structures and grammar too. Take your time to think for appropriate baby shower thank you wording for your notes.
  3. Use the correct tone
    Make sure you don’t come out looking either too rude or a tad too aloof. Strike the right tone by being genuine in your words. Once you write what is really from your heart, you are bound to automatically strike the right tone with your target audience.
  4. Involve your partner and other family members
    Make a point of involving either your partner or other family members when writing these thank you notes. They can also help you in coming up with correct and appropriate baby shower thank you wording. This is especially so if you had many friends attending the occasion; with a small baby in tow, writing on all the cards may be tedious and boring and may lower the quality of your writing.
  5. Avoid the use of slang and improper language
    Be respectful when writing these thank you notes. Avoid using colloquial terms, slang and any other words you may not be sure of. Chances are that you interact with people from different cultures, race, religion and social class. It is important that you use words that will not be injurious to either their culture or race. Using proper language gives your cards the seriousness they deserve. It is also important to ensure that the language you are using is understandable to all and sundry.
  6. Incorporate some heartwarming quotes
    There are numerous sources you can use to get wonderful quotes to use. Don’t try to rely on your knowledge alone, exploit resources in the internet or get some books that have wonderful quotes that are appropriate and use them accordingly. Make sure the quotes are simple to understand and brief; avoid using quotes that may have more than one meaning, it may be construed differently.
  7. Be gracious
    It is important that you show lots of gratitude to those people who made an appearance; you can do this by using appropriate words when coining your note. Avoid using terms like’ I’, it is recommended that you use the term ‘we’ to show it’s more of a team effort and make a point of mentioning the gifts they gave you. As earlier stated, make sure you know who gave you what first before taking this route, if you are not sure, don’t mention it.
  8. Acknowledge group gifts too
    Group gifts should also be considered when writing a thank you note. It is of paramount importance that you include every group member in the baby shower thank you wording of the card, group gifts do require only one card. Make sure you mention the names of each member at the beginning of the card when offering your salutations. If you are not sure about the membership of the group, enquire and include the names.
  9. For cash gifts, don’t mention the amount
    Financial gifts are usually appreciated as they allow you to decide on what to buy for the baby. Courtesy demands that you don’t mention the amount you were given when writing the thank you note, you can mention what you bought or are planning to buy with the money they offered you as a gift.
  10. Never ever forget to thank your hostess
    The hostess of your baby shower usually spends a lot of time and resources trying to ensure that your baby shower is a success. A hostess gives you more than a gift; she spends her time and ensures everything goes on smoothly. A baby shower thank you wording for your hostess is usually quite different from other thank you notes that you may have written to other people. Take your time to write a heartwarming note. Since most of the times they are usually close friends or family members they are usually forgotten or ignored; make sure this does not happen in your case.


And here are some examples on what to write:

For your hostess you can write the following:

Dear Betty,

Thank you so much for going way beyond and above what a friend should! I genuinely loved everything about my sons baby shower, and will never be able to thank you enough. I hope baby Jane appreciates how much time and work you put in, making the baby shower such a success. I also do love the diaper cake you made and the beautiful goodies you added to it all!

You’re such a gem.

Love Mary

For a group gift you can jot the following:

Dear Nancy, Wendy, Edwina, and Jackie

I am incredibly grateful for your generosity. We can’t get our eyes off the stroller and car seat combination you graciously gave us. I am really looking forward to bringing the baby to church in her new pink car seat!

Thank you so much.



For someone who gave you cash as a gift you can write the following:

Dear Jane.

Thank you so much for the generous gift! I haven’t gotten an opportunity to go shopping just yet, but we plan to put it toward a baby shawl that we have been looking at. I am really eager to go and pick it once I get the chance. Thanks a lot for making time to come for our baby shower.

Lots of love,


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