10 Great Ways to Keep Your Baby Entertained

There are numerous baby entertainment solutions you have when it comes to this sensitive matter and you should definitely consider them if you want to keep your little one entertained and offer him funny moments. Apart from this, entertaining your baby will help you develop some of his natural instincts, such as laughing and you will be able to enjoy a memorable experience close to him.


  1. Babies are always fascinated by new things and they love discovering different toys you give them. One of the most popular ways to keep your little one entertained is placing him either on a bed or on a bouncy seat, where there are many other toys as well. In most cases, babies are captivated by colorful toys and if you offer him the opportunity to hear various sounds from these toys, you will surely manage to make your little one have fun for quite a while. Pay close attention to the toys and make sure that they are safe enough for your baby. Always remember that he is more sensitive than you and he needs special attention and consideration. Apart from this, a little accident will surely change his mood and the entertainment will be gone shortly.
  2. Making funny sounds or facial expressions is an ideal way to entertain your baby. Surprisingly, your child might even respond to your gestures with very similar ones and this is why you should stick to this sort of entertainment. You can do any sound you want, starting with animal sounds and you can also mime any facial expression you can think about. Additionally, sticking your tongue out might also help you keep the baby entertained and he will surely do the same thing!
  3. Babies love songs and other similar sounds, so why don’t you try to sing him a funny song? This method can be very useful and you can start developing some of your little one’s knowledge right away. There are numerous songs available on the Internet and you can even compose your own ones if this is more convenient for you. Try to include positive gestures in your song and refer to letters, animals, objects, number – basically, everything that can help your baby learn new things. You can be surprised later, when you will hear him singing the same songs you did once!
  4. As we previously mentioned, a baby likes discovering new things and objects, so offer him something he is not usually allowed to play with: a set of keys, a plastic teaspoon, etc. He will start analyzing the object carefully and he will do different things using it. In most cases, babies are easily distracted by unusual objects and you can entertain him without a great effort. This solution is excellent, as you can help your little one discover new objects day by day.
  5. If the weather is favorable, going out constitutes a very appropriate way to entertain your baby. Even though it is about keeping him in the stroller or carrying him using your hands, your baby will surely enjoy watching the world and all the sights and views it includes: houses, animals, cars, people, etc. If the weather is warm, going out to a park represents an attractive option you have and you can definitely make your baby have fun.
  6. Playing different games with your baby is one of the most suitable ways to keep him entertained. However, you cannot play any kind of game and it is preferably to stick to building towers out of blocks and other similar activities, which cannot cause any harm to your little one. You can let your baby knock the tower down after it is done, as this can increase the entertainment, as well.
  7. Dance with your baby – this activity is very engaging, so your kid will be very fascinated by it. You can choose any song you like, but you should stick to children songs mainly because they are sung by other kids and can distract your child’s attention and keep him entertained for a while. Be careful not to do very rough dance movements and try to inspire him a positive mood: laugh, sing, talk to him, everything that can make him happy.
  8. Let your child play with an animal – if you have any. An animal constitutes one of the most appropriate ways to entertain your baby, especially if it is about a little puppy, a parrot or a kitten. Kids are very attracted to animals and they can develop a very favorable behavior as long as you have an animal around your house. He can play with him in many ways and this will surely keep him entertained for a very long period of time. Additionally, the sounds of these animals will be simply fascinating for your little one!
  9. Playing with your child under a blanket will amuse him for sure. In order to make this activity even more entertaining and engaging, you should bring with you a flashlight or other toys that have LEDs included, as they can illuminate the darkness under the blanket and keep your little one focused on it. Pay close attention to the reaction of your little one: if he looks like he does not like this activity, give it up and try something else. If, on the contrary, he really enjoys it, you can add different sounds and funny faces when you turn on the flashlight. You will certainly cause your baby’s laughter!
  10. A very simple, yet effective way to keep your child entertained is talking to him in a funny way. This method is very useful when you want to amuse your baby and make him laugh: try to mime different facial expressions, call him different nicknames, make sounds, grimace – practically, everything that can make your little one laugh. You can also add some toys or other object to this activity or you can do it while you are feeding him. Newborn babies like this sort of thing very much, so sticking to it will bring you exceptional results in the end.
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